How to Accelerate the Performance of Your Old Dell Laptop?

Dell laptops are the favorite of youngsters as they constantly look at gadgets as if it is an experimental device to try different things on. Dell has, on the other hand, proven that it produces absolutely rugged and amazing devices which can resist all the experiments done on the system. Teenagers also have the knack on solving issues as well but unfortunately, at that tender age, it is rare to see as much awareness. Therefore, as parents you need to be aware that your kids will grow after making many mistakes. So, in the meanwhile, if you observe that your laptop is losing its normal speed and rather going to the downside of it, keep reading.
The very time you sense that your laptop speed is degrading, you have to first understand where the problem is coming from and then solve it. Dell Technical Support suggests 4 ways to solve this error: Upgrade RAM: RAM is the primary reason behind the speed of your PC, so, ensure that you have atleast 8GB of RAM free. Add SSD: When you upgrade …